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SDY双锻压对焊机采用二次锻压法。通过金相显微观察,传统焊机得到的焊点总会有气孔、空洞,而通过二次锻压法原理得到的是无气孔、无空洞,结构非常致密的焊点,尤其适用于盘条等固定直径钢丝的焊接。 SDY double forging butt welding machine adopts secondary forging method. Through metallographic microscopic observation, the solder joints obtained by traditional welding machines will always have pores and voids, while those obtained by the principle of the secondary forging method are solder joints with no pores, no voids, and a very dense structure, especially suitable for wire rods and other fixed diameters. Welding of steel wires.


主要特点 Main feature







1.The mechanical structure is strong and durable, suitable for various work environments;

2.High tensile strength of welded joints;

3.Automatically remove most of the welding scars, which is convenient for polishing and polishing of solder joints;

4.Welding, keep and annealing parameters are set and stored by microcomputer (PLC&HMI), which can accurately reproduce the welding, heat preservation and annealing effects, and novices can also operate easily and quickly;

5.Standard annealing device, the annealing distance can be adjusted, the annealing effect can be manually controlled by button switch or automatic far-infrared temperature control;

6.The design of the horizontal structure and the arc fixture is an invention patent, which avoids the safety hazards caused by manual straightening of large diameter steel wires and steel wire springback.

主要参数 Main parameter table

型号 Model SDY-75W
焊接范围 Welding range (钢线 Steel wire Φ) 12mm-22mm
工作电源 Working power 380V 50HZ/60HZ
额定功率 Rated power 75KVA
焊接方式 Welding method 二次锻压法 Dual upset method
压紧及顶锻 Compression and upsetting 气缸&液压 Cylinder & Hydraulic
输出设置 Output settings 微电脑设置 Microcomputer (PLC&HMI)
退火功能 Annealing function 手动或温控式 Manual or Temperature controlled
重量 Weight 1150kg
外形尺寸 Dimensions 1605*1210*775mm
可选配附件 Optional accessories 电动液压剪切装置 Electro-hydraulic cut device

*电压可以定制 Voltage can be customized




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